Admissions Procedure

The following process will be required of all prospective students prior to or immediately following submittal of an Enrollment Application. These steps are to determine if Deephaven Academy is right for the student and student’s family and if Deephaven Academy can provide the optimal resources and learning environment for the student’s educational needs. Steps 2-4 may not occur prior to submittal of an Enrollment Application.

  1. Parent(s) (with or without the prospective student) will meet with Deephaven Academy’s Education Director.
  2. Prospective student will visit appropriate classroom with Education Director observing student in classroom.
  3. Education Director follows up with teacher to discuss feedback of prospective student’s visit to classroom and any concerns.
  4. Education Director interviews the prospective student, with or without parent in attendance.
  5. Education Director will review the following submitted by the prospective family as part of the Application for Admission:
    1. Transcripts of student performance from current / former schools
    2. Results of any placement exams, IQ testing, and any educational, neurological, behavioral, and cognitive assessments from other schools, educational consultants, and/or other qualified professionals.

Process for Acceptance

Given positive feedback from in-classroom visit, personal interviews, current and former school recommendations, acceptable transcript performance, and any outside assessments, students will be admitted to Deephaven Academy, dependent upon class openings.

In the event that the Education Director has any concerns over a potential student’s ability to perform acceptably given Deephaven Academy’s rigorous curriculum and/or concerns based on specific assessment findings or feedback, the Education Director will take the following steps:

  1. Contact the director of special services at the student’s current school to evaluate whether or not Deephaven Academy can best meet the needs of any challenges given Deephaven Academy ’s limited resources;
  2. If necessary, request a meeting between the special services director and the parents of the prospective child to discuss concerns and evaluate level of services required for the child and determine whether or not Deephaven Academy can meet these needs given Deephaven Academy’s resources, child’s potential and parent’s level of commitment to obtaining outside services, if needed.
  3. Make the decision to accept on a trial basis with the understanding that after a specified period of time, the student’s progress would need to be evaluated, potentially with all parties in step number two.
  4. Determine that acceptance to Deephaven Academy is not in the best interests of the child or Deephaven Academy.

In the event that the Education Director believes that Deephaven Academy is incapable of providing the optimal resources to meet the needs of students who demonstrate specific challenges, the Education Director will notify the parents in writing of the decision not to accept the student.

Class / Grade Placement

During the application process, the Education Director, along with the appropriate teachers, will determine the optimal class/grade placement for the child based on grade attending and performance at current school as well as any external professional testing and assessments. The family of the prospective student(s) will be part of that decision process.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Deephaven Academy admits students of any race, religion, national and ethnic origin and socioeconomic status and grants to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. Similarly, Deephaven Academy does not discriminate in its employee hiring practices. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Special Services

Deephaven Academy is a private school. We do not receive public funding for providing special services such as speech and behavioral therapists, classroom aides, etc. nor are we required to. When a family is interested in sending their child to Deephaven Academy and we believe that the child requires additional services that we cannot provide, we will always base our admissions decisions on the best interests of the child and communicate that message to the family.