Admissions Policy

Deephaven Academy provides a superior learning environment for children who are highly motivated, love to be challenged and demonstrate strong academic performance and potential.

Applications for admission to Deephaven Academy are accepted throughout the year. All prospective parents/students must complete an application form. Deephaven Academy does not guarantee admission by accepting the application and fee.

Acceptance is determined by the Education Director and grade-appropriate teacher and also based on class size availability and determination by the Education Director. The prospective student (grades 1 and higher) is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • High motivation to succeed at Deephaven Academy is demonstrated
  • Positive current or former school evaluations
  • Student records indicate strong academic performance and potential
  • Good social, emotional and behavioral skills demonstrated during the in-class visit
  • Any educational, behavioral, and/or neurological assessments have not identified any areas that Deephaven Academy cannot support.
  • Student demonstrates that their attendance will be a positive addition to the Deephaven Academy community.
  • The family of the prospective child acknowledges that the best way for a child to learn and grow is to have active involvement by the parents in his/her education.

Generally, a student should be five years old by September 1 to enter Kindergarten. However, exceptions may be made if a child has attended full-day preschool and has demonstrated accelerated learning and acceptable maturity levels that would allow him/her to be successful at Deephaven Academy. That determination will be made by the Education Director. In the case of full classes, priority will be given to students whose birthdays are within the prescribed range. Additional priority is given to siblings of current students in the school.

If a child is determined an excellent candidate for Deephaven Academy but their appropriate class is full, the child will be put on a waiting list, if desired by the family. The family will be notified if and when a vacancy becomes available.

Deephaven Academy reserves the right to decline admission to prospective students whose academic, emotional, or behavioral needs are beyond the scope of our programs and resources, or to children whose participation compromises the safety or the education of the other students in the school.