At Deephaven Academy – “It’s All in the Details”

Support380x380People often ask: “What is it that sets Deephaven Academy apart from other schools?”

It’s not one thing that sets us apart, but many. It’s paying careful attention to all of the things that constitute the optimal learning environment for our students, our families, and our staff. “It’s all in the details”. Specifically, it means bringing conscious awareness and intention to every aspect of our program so that it best supports children academically, socio-emotionally, and physically.

When all of these areas and the whole child are attended to and cared for, students get the most out of their educational experience. This is how we set the foundation for cultivating a life-long love of learning for each of our students here at Deephaven Academy. This is how students learn to be joyful, creative, and balanced in their life and in their “work”. What more could a parent possibly ask for their child’s education?

Some of the details that we strongly feel contribute to the optimal support for our students include the following:

  • Small Class Sizes
    Up to 12 in mixed-age classrooms. This allows for more personalized instruction. We know our students
  • Dynamic Grouping
    All our studens are properly challenged –not according to their age – but according to their current abilities and needs. This is how students stay engaged in their work and develop a true love of learning.
  • Affordable tuition
    Most private schools charge thousands of dollars more than we do at Deephaven Academy. Because we believe so strongly that this is the kind of education that every child deserves, we work hard to keep our tuition costs affordable and reasonable for all. This means we ask for a lot of parental involvement and volunteering. Working together, we can keep our costs lower than others.
  • Small School Benefits
    At Deephaven Academy our students Big School Amenities experience the caring and nurturing of a home school with all of the best amenities of a big school Large playground and new equipment, gymnasium, nutritious hot lunch program, computer labs, and a library.
  • Caring / Joyful Staff
    It is clear that our teachers understand the value of providing this kind of educational experience for children. Our work is meaningful; we love what we do because we see day after day how providing this kind of learning environment changes peoples lives.
  • Maximize your Child’s  Potential
    When students are properly challenged, when their learning experiences are engaging and meaningful, when they are valued for their own unique gifts, when they feel  safe, cared for, known, and respected, it is then that they are free to become all they are meant to be.
  • Classical Education
    Learn facts, critical thinking skills, and how to apply knowledge to real-life situations. Latin roots instruction, Classical poetry, and recitals. Exposure to the classics in the Fine Arts. All provides a solid foundation to build knowledge and learning.
  • Character & Virtues Education
    Daily Attention to good manners, how to treat ourselves and one another with respect, weekly virtue study, and real-life applications
  • Strong Community
    Strong Volunteer support; Team Approach – Proactive Teacher, Parent, Student relationships
  • Strong Communication
    Daily Planners / Take Home Folders; Regular / on-going communication; monthly newsletters; Bi-yearly midterm reports; Bi-yearly conferences

Attention to all of these aspects and more are what make the educational experience at Deephaven Academy so successful and sets us apart. At Deephaven Academy your child will grow and flourish and become all they are meant to be!