March 2015

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the following families:

  • All of our DA parents who attended our February State-of-the-School meeting!
  • Piper Hughes for offering to provide childcare for our DA families!
  • Our board members who continue to work so hard to build our school!
  • The Worman family for providing treats (including gluten-free treats!) for our play recital and for the delicious teacher treats from Caribou!
  • The Hughes family for bringing in delicious treats for the teachers!
  • Rod Meidinger for the amazing “Fold-Scope” microscopes! We are planning science lessons around building these and learning how they work – the kids will love them!
  • The Worman family for their very generous art supplies donation!
  • The Whitaker family for hosting our fun DA families’ get-together on Feb. 21! John Whitaker and Jeff Hughes for providing incredible art experiences!
  • The Callen family for donating TV’s, DVD players, & an awesome stereo system!
  • Debra Hughes for creating our beautiful new website! It is amazing Debra!
  • Terriann Matejcek for teaching an incredible Service Learning unit on advocacy and organizing a super cool field trip to the State Capitol to see how advocacy works in “real life.” We even got to meet with District Rep. Jon Applebaum! Such an awesome experience for our kids & teachers!