At Deephaven Academy we really know how to get to work and have a really fun time, too. We think these words from our students say it all…

Fun380x380“I like Deephaven Academy because I have friends and I learn new things.” Ireland (first grade)

“I like my teachers because they let us do fun stuff like art and have free time. They helped me get my tooth out too!” –Isaiah (first grade)

“I like my school because I love my teacher!” Sebine (Kindergarten)

“I like my teachers.” Lily  (third grade)

“Deephaven Academy is a small fun school!” Elie  (third grade)

“I like Deephaven Academy because there are really nice friends and teachers.” Lila (second grade)

“I like Deephaven Academy because we learn in fun ways!” –Sommer (third grade)

“This school is special to me because I have so many amazing friends and teachers who love me.” Hazel (fourth grade)

“My favorite thing about Deephaven Academy… Gosh, I can’t choose!! Everything!! :-)” Ayla (fifth grade)

“My favorite part of coming to school is having great teachers and friends.” Davi (fourth grade)

“My favorite part of school is the teachers.”  Nate (fourth grade)

“I love coming to school! The reasons why are many! A few are I have great friends, its fun, and the teachers are nice and goofy. A few more reasons are that I like my teachers, I like learning, and the teachers make it fun to learn. I like my school. It’s as goofy as can be.” Catie (seventh grade)

“If I had to list all the things this what I’d say. I like coming to school because here there are no mean teachers or students. Here you get more one on one help because there aren’t as many kids. At this school everyone is welcoming to new people. That is what I have to say about this school.” Ethan (sixth grade)

“I like going to this school because it is awesome. The teachers are nice and you can get a lot more attention than you would at other schools. I also like the other students. They are good friends and very kind. Also we have recess even though we are in middle school. We get a very good education. I love Deephaven Academy!” Dylan (seventh grade)

“I like going to school here for many reasons. One of them would be that it is a smaller school. A smaller school makes learning easier because there are fewer distractions and the teachers can answer more questions. The teachers in the school do their jobs well and that makes learning easier. Not just that but the teachers care about their students a lot. Another reason I like this school is because we learn things that are important but many schools don’t teach, like grammar. Those classes are very useful and come in handy.” Adam (eighth grade)

“I like going to school here because we go on fun field trips and we do other fun things. Also we get to read lots of books and learn about a variety of different things. The teachers are also nice. We also don’t get that much homework because we get lots of time to work on it during the day.” Amber (seventh grade)

“I love this school because everyone is very accepting here. I always feel free to be myself. Before I came here I had trouble trusting other kids because they never accepted me for who I really am. With this school I now have the confidence to trust others and myself. I never believed that I was smart until I came here. The way they teach is different for each kid and what they need. With that I now know that I actually have potential.” Susie (eighth grade)

“There are several reasons I like coming to Deephaven Academy, first of all the people. There are so many fantastic teachers and students. Since this is a small school there are never any bullies or mean people. Likewise another plus about its small size is that we get a lot of attention. This makes it easy to get help. I also love that there is rarely a lot of homework because we do most of the work in class.” Jackson (eighth grade)