Deephaven Academy presents:

Safari into Reading with Zoo-phonics:
a Learn-To-Read 8 week program

for preschool-age children

teaching-catIt’s fun! It’s incredibly effective!

When you and your child attend our one-hour weekly sessions (for eight weeks), you’ll be off and running into the wild and exciting world of reading with Zoo-phonics.

Together with our wonderful teacher, Mrs. Theisen, you’ll experience super fun games, activities and tools that easily and quickly teach your child the basics of phonetic reading — knowing all the letters and the sounds they make, along with recognition of simple words like cat or it.

Plus, you’ll get the material you need to practice with your child at home (just 10 fun-filled minutes a day is all it takes). You’ll be amazed at how combining an adorable cast of animal characters with sounds, songs, body movements and games, puts kids on a fast-track to reading.

Next session begins late September
Check back beginning mid-August for dates and times

Cost is $148 (includes take home materials)


Zoo-phonics is a unique program that involves your whole child, eyes, ears, mouth, mind, and body with:

  • Endearing animals (visual learning)
  • Hand and body motions (kinesthetic learning)
  • Sounds and songs (auditory learning)
  • Letter shapes (visual learning)
  • Games and activities (kinesthetic learning)

With Zoo-phonics we do things differently (and it works!).

  • Zoo-phonics uses Animals in the shapes of lowercase letters before teaching the actual letters for easy remembering
  • Zoo-phonics teaches the sounds of the letters through the animal names (“a” as in Allie Alligator, etc.), and letter sounds are taught before letter names.
  • Zoo-phonics teaches lowercase letters before capital letters. After all, reading materials are written 95% of the time in lowercase letters.
  • The Zoo-phonics Body Signals allow children to put their natural “wiggles” to good use and act as a cue for memory.

Children are so ready for learning, however, it is difficult at best to teach them through abstract methods and materials – they do not understand abstractions. Make it concrete, however, and there is no limit to what they can learn.

Char Wrighton, co-Founder of Zoo-phonics, talks about hitting the bullseye with teaching children to read so that instead of being challenged by abstractions with traditional methods they are supported to be and feel successful using Zoo-phonics’ child-centric system.


More on the the Zoo-phonics® Multisensory Program and Methodology

Zoo-phonics® is a kinesthetic, multimodal, multisensory approach to learning all aspects of language arts, including vocabulary development and articulation. As a particular letter shape and sound is explored, activities and subjects in all areas are included.

Zoo-phonics®  is a method developed to make children strong readers and spellers using a “phono (hearing), “oral” (speaking), “visual” (seeing), “kinesthetic” (moving), and tactile (touching)—whole brain approach. Students actually learn the sounds of the alphabet as well as advanced phonemic concepts through an easily understood, concrete method of presentation.

Zoo-phonics® uses animals drawn in the shapes of the letters for ease in memory. A related body movement is given for each letter. This  concrete approach cements the sounds to the shapes of the letters. Lowercase letters and their sounds are taught first (needed 95% of the time in text), capital letters and letter names are taught later.

(In October 2010 the “Zoo-phonics® Preschool Kit” was selected as a 2011 winner of Learning Magazine’s 17th Annual Teacher’s Choice Awards!)

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